Violin Repairs & Restoration

Experienced restorer of all members of the orchestral string family.

Whether you require a restring, minor repair, a full restoration, or just need to revitalise an old instrument, I can work with you to get the best out of your instrument.

Regular Repair Work

• Re-contouring (shooting or dressing) of fingerboard
• Sound post fitting/replacement, Bridge fitting/replacement
• Gluing seams, Adjusting or fitting new strings, tail piece, end pin
• Cleaning and varnish retouching
• Diagnosing and eradicating buzzes
• Setting up includes adjustment/replacement of pegs, adjustment/replacement of top nut

dante zufolo artisan violin and guitar repairs south london and bromley

Restoration work: All restorations are assessed individually and options are always discussed, depending on the clients’ needs, some examples would include:

Cracks: When a crack or cracks occur to the body, it is necessary to remove the front or back of the instrument.  The crack needs to be cleaned, glued and some cleats added for stability.  The instrument will then be re-assembled.

Sound post crack: If the crack happens in the sound-post area the appropriate repair would be a sound-post patch.

Rib cracks: Common on larger instruments, the front of the instrument will need to be removed to access and for reinforcement.

Bushing peg-holes: If there are peg hole cracks, these need to be glued and bushed (the holes are filled with new wood and then new pegs are fitted).

Edge work: When edges and corners are damaged or missing, they will need reconstructing, colour matching and varnishing.

And much more….

Tonal adjustment: Most instruments can be improved tonally. Small adjustments to the bridge, post, or tailpiece can have a marked effect on the sound. I work with the client to find the optimal sound for both the instrument and the player.

Repairs & Maintenance

Some of Dante's recent work including tonal adjustments and complex repairs


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