Maintenance & Repairs for all members of the orchestral string family

About Dante Zufolo

I studied guitar making at Merton College and also with David Lim.  I have restored and repaired stringed instruments for over 20 years in South East London including many years with Malcolm Tysoe Music, as well as other local music shops. I undertake all facets of repair and restoration to instruments of the orchestral string family, as well as fretted instruments, such as guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins etc. I build stringed instruments for select, discerning clients on a commission basis.

With a Distinction in Guitar building combined with 20 years experience, Dante has true skill and expertise in the repair and maintenance of various types of Guitars.
Alongside this he offers select clients commissioned custom builds for Acoustic and Electric Guitars.

Maintenance & Repairs

  • Over 20 years professional experience
  • Extend the lifetime of your instrument
  • Trusted Repairs
  • Extends Instruments Lifetime
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Custom builds for Guitars and Mandolins
Dante Zufolo Repairs

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Experienced in repairs of all members of the orchestral string family.

Specialising in Acoustic, Electric Guitars & Mandolins.

Violin Repair

Electric Guitar Repair

Acoustic Guitar Repair

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