Guitar Repairs & Maintenance

Specialising in Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolins and Basses

Guitar Family Repairs

Setups: A setup starts with an appraisal of the instrument and will include adjusting the neck relief, adjusting the nut and saddle to set the appropriate action to suit the instrument and player, intonation is set, electrics are cleaned and checked, machine heads are checked and tightened/lubricated. The instrument is tested and restrung.

Examples of other repairs:

• Replacement nuts and saddles (bone, plastic, tusq, nubone etc)

• Frets levelled, dressed or re-fretted

• Electrics diagnosed and fixed or modified

• Various gluing, anything from braces to broken head stocks

• Replacement bridge

dante zufolo artisan violin and guitar repairs south london and bromley

Restoration & Reconstruction

Examples of recent repair work


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